Bites – A Card Game Of Probability

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Bites – A Card Game Of Probability

Bites - A Card Game Of Probability

Bites is the card game of probability, developed initially in the Far East, and since renamed variously as the Oriental Poker. It is today played in casinos all over the world. The word “Bites” itself is a bit ofplay on the word “Blackjack”, the main difference being that in Bites the player has to “-Choose” the card he wants to discard, and if he choos the card that he wishes to discard, he looses his wager. As we’ll see below, the game of Bites is much more complex than the standard game of Blackjack.

Asian Poker.

One of the quirks of Bites is that you do actually have to play against another player, as opposed to being automatically “dealt” with one. Unlike other games like Blackjack, in Bites you play against a Pokerace99. Unlike other card games like Blackjack, many of the decisions that you must make are multiple-choice, allowing you to make quite a bit of skill-informed decisions to help you successful.

In Bites, you are initially dealt two cards. The dealer will then turn one of his cards over, to be revealed by the dealer. As a result, you then have a choice to either “Take”, or ” Throw”. You choose whether to expose all of your cards, by virtue of having no more influence over the cards than if you’d gone for a hit.

Basically, assuming you have a Queen or better in your hand, you will play this game with the conventional poker odds, against the dealer. When you choose to “Take” (take no more cards), you are dealt one more card. If you expose all of your cards, which is the “Double” you can choose to discard any of your cards and receive one more card. When you “Throw” (expose all your cards), you lose the game.

Royal Flush.

This is the highest hand you can receive in Bites. It is a combination of the Cryptologic 1000-irl Crown fitting in with the Ace and King of the same suit. This hand benefits from you having ideally four cards of the same suit. In addition, the Ace and King can be in a sequence, as can the Queen.

Five of a Kind.

The next highest hand in Bites is known as the Five of a Kind. In this situation you have three cards of the same rank. However, your four remaining cards are of any rank.

Once again, Cryptologic 1000-irl Crown fits in with these criteria. When you have this hand you have four cards of the same rank. The other hand, the Ten of a Kind, comes when you have thirteen cards, three of which are of the same rank.

Next in line is the Jack of Great Price. With this hand you hold four cards of the same rank. Next in line is the Queen of a Certain Rank. When you have this hand you have five cards in all – three of the denudes and four of the similar rank.

Full House.

Although not commonly listed as a separate hand, a “Full House” between two players is allowed. What needs to be established first is that both players must have the same number of “hole cards”, that means they need to have the same suits. Next is the “Three of a Kind”, when one of the players has three of the same kind of card, and the other has two of the same kind. The “High Card” hand is when none of the players hold a card of the same rank.

Through a good deal of experience you will be able to master the different techniques you have at your disposal. Some of them are the Straight Hold, Stud Hold, Pocket Pairs, Street Hardways, etc. as well as the more debatable Hold ‘Em High cards. Each of these have their own special names, but the techniques are very similar in nature.

The biggest name in poker hands is the Straight Flush. This is “the” hand in poker. The finest players can raise the bets, deuce the cards, and go ace high to score a major victory. Theaturally follow the same order. The Three of a Kind, Two Pair, One Pair and High Card are the next hands on our list.

We hope this hand summary was helpful to you.

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